Education is to excite a child's mind.



Parent Information 2022

We extend a warm welcome to you and your children, especially those coming to school for the first time, we hope that your time with us will be a long and happy experience for the whole family.

Westcliff nursery school started in January 2004. We offer a small, well-balanced, and child-centred environment for children to play and learn in the hands of qualified staff.

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Our school works on four basic principles.

- The happiness and safety of the individual child.

- Learning through directed play.

- Good manners and the acquisition of self-discipline.

- Preparation for formal school.

Abit more about our school

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

Our Educational Aims and Philosophy:

Our aim is to develop the whole child – physical, emotional, social and cognitive.

A confident child with good self-esteem will reach his/her full potential. Learning must be fun and we provide a stimulating and happy environment where children can learn, reason, think and create.

We do not follow one early childhood philosophy i.e. Montessori but have combined the successful elements of many of them.

We encourage our children to involve themselves in all aspects of our programme and to discover and learn at their own pace. Our integrated programme is theme-related and includes the development of the many skills – perception (visual and auditory), language, science, creative art, music and movement, physical education and general knowledge.

Our programme consists of a combination of structured and free play activities. This is essential for a child’s emotional, intellectual, and social growth. It is through play that children learn to solve problems and interact with each other. Much emphasis is placed on “hands-on learning”.